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The Educational Collaborative for International Schools

Leadership Conference 2024
De Vere Beaumont Estate, Windsor, UK
25-27 April

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Dr Hilary Cremin

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Founded in 1965, ECIS (the Educational Collaborative for International Schools) is a non-profit global membership organisation. ECIS exists as a professional life-force for members, a vibrant network of thoughtful doers and change-makers. Our membership represents 500 membership communities and 40,000+ passionate educators and leaders in over 80 countries on six continents.

ECIS members are privy to an abundance of strategy, inspiration, bright ideas and daringly innovative projects that can help shape and enhance your own objectives. By becoming a member, you remain at the forefront of trends and big picture thinking that affect the education sector, and you have quick access to cutting-edge products and services that support education.

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“Current, interesting, inclusive membership designed to challenge and engage thinking whilst developing relevant professional relationships. ECIS actively demonstrates an outwardly diverse outlook in every sense. A willingness to go the extra mile.”

Claire Nuttall, Headteacher, St.George’s International School, Luxembourg

Insightful Articles

Data-Driven Student Voice can Transform Curriculum

Dr Martha Ross and Susie March This research snapshot shows the potential of the “student voice” to guide schools towards developing a curriculum that better responds to young peoples’ needs and can prevent future harm to themselves and others. Through a study by Susie March Consulting (“Using Student Voice Data to drive CSE in International… Continue reading Data-Driven Student Voice can Transform Curriculum

What is the value of personal knowledge? Reflecting on 17 years as an Army spouse

What is the value of personal knowledge?  I’ve been pondering this question for a couple of reasons.  Firstly because, with my partner’s retirement from the Army, last month marked the end of my family’s status as dependents of the military, and so I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learned from that experience.  Secondly, because the… Continue reading What is the value of personal knowledge? Reflecting on 17 years as an Army spouse

International Coach “State of the Industry” Survey 2023

The role of a coach is immense. Not only do you have to provide guidance, encouragement, and expertise, but at the same time, you are also responsible for shaping individuals into their best selves both on and off the field. An international school athletic coach is trying to do all of those things in short… Continue reading International Coach “State of the Industry” Survey 2023

How do we evaluate the impact of CPD?

Denise Inwood, CEO & Founder, BlueSky Education If development tailored to the individual is the way forward, what steps can we take to be confident of its worth? Professional learning for teachers and school staff is a key driver of improving outcomes for young people. Improving skills, addressing gaps in knowledge or experience, building specialisms… Continue reading How do we evaluate the impact of CPD?

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