"It is truly an honour to be a member of ECIS. Membership provides a plethora of experiences to develop as a professional international educator. ECIS is committed to delivering high quality opportunities and evolving innovative platforms to equip teachers and schools with the tools to cultivate optimal learning environments for all learners. It has been incredible to witness educators collaborate, connect, and contribute to the continuous development of professionally 'growing and becoming' within education."
Melissa McDonald, Learning Support Specialist Teacher

"ECIS understands the complexity of international education and what it takes to be a world-class school. The ECIS professional development opportunities are excellent, and they have helped us to create a powerful, transformative vision for the future of our school. We are pleased to be associated with an organisation which promotes leading practices across international education"
Board Chair, TASIS England
"Since its founding, ECIS has been an international platform for educational unity. Its commitment to bringing educators together through courses and conferences, and enlightening the community through educational research function as a backbone for schools. In a nutshell, ECIS is like the spiritual godmother of educational institutions, living its mission to create impact through international education in a loyal, competent, and innovative manner."

Senator Haifa Najjar

Superintendent, The Ahliyyah School for Girls and The Bishop's School for Boys, Amman, Jordan

"International Education is dynamic and constantly evolving. ECIS is invaluable in helping me remain current with latest research, trends, and colleagues engaged in innovative practice across this vast and diverse field. I do not know what I would do without ECIS!"
Kevin Glass, Headmaster, Atlanta International School
“The future-leaning work of ECIS is reason to gather together, watch, listen and read closely because it is here where the critical themes that define the future of teaching and learning are investigated and debated. In fact, ECIS echoes our voices and aspirations, helping us make sense of our complex work, ensuring we are awake to emerging opportunities for the young people we serve."
Mark E. Ulfers, Head of School, American School of Paris

"We have found commercial membership with ECIS to be exceptionally beneficial on a number of fronts. Most importantly, the relationship has been a great conduit to connect us to our existing and future customers. Also important is the calibre of conferences and events. These are of high quality and highly focused. Aligning ourselves with ECIS was an easy decision, as we feel the core focus of the organisation and our goals are mutually aligned."
Coles Wilkinson, Commercial Director, International Schools Unit, itslearning