2020 Leadership Conference | 24-25 April | Madrid

The 2020 ECIS Leadership Conference: Learning Ecosystems

How are we paying attention to our complex learning ecosystems that we call ‘schools?’ For example, how does your ecosystem exhibit a true sense of community through respectful, healthy, and ethical relationships and interactions? How best might we state and live our values in this age of anxiety, in ways that result in healthy learning ecosystems? From learning spaces to school timetables to the availability of online courses to enhance our offerings, complemented by our careful and overt attention to well-being (and more!), what we value should end up defining our ecosystems. But does that always happen? Why or why not? As educators, if we are indeed ‘designers of learning experiences,’ how might we design learning ecosystems whose complex interdependent parts function harmoniously to produce positive impact in our students, our staff, our school families, and in our local communities?

Pre Conference: Wednesday 22nd April – Thursday 23rd April

Main Conference: Friday 24th April – Saturday 25th April


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