ECIS special interest groups (SIGs) are committees of up to six individuals from within our broad yet deep membership, who are experts in their core areas, whether subject-specific or interdisciplinary in nature. Though the core committee is limited to six members, the larger special interest group on ECIS Connect has unlimited membership.

SIGs maintain a digital presence throughout the year on ECIS Connect and elsewhere, and are key stakeholders in organising professional learning opportunities in collaboration with ECIS, whether at one of our conferences or at a stand-alone special interest conference, offered on a schedule agreed to by the special interest group and ECIS.

The special interest group is an active body of practitioners, contributing both to the professional development of other practitioners and to the international school sector as a whole.

With ECIS, the goal of special interest groups is to transform practice through professional learning opportunities that feature leading practice and are evidence-led; a further goal is, where appropriate, to create research and/or research opportunities around particular problems of practice.

Join Our Working Groups on ECIS Connect

To learn more about our special interest groups, we invite you to join the communities of practice on our community engagement platform, ECIS Connect. There, you can connect not only with the core committee members, but all those who are interested in the work of that particular special interest group. It is a great way to get to know other practitioners and the core committee members, and such engagement will allow you to consider whether you might apply for future openings on the core committee. Additionally, you can start and/or participate in ongoing discussions, share resources, and more

Group Listing

We appreciate the invaluable support provided by so many passionate individuals who volunteer their time to advance international education, and we encourage you to take part!
We will be introducing group-specific web pages within this, our corporate website, during the 2017-18 year, where you will find essential information about each group, including any professional learning or networking opportunities associated with each group.