Global Benchmarking Survery

Formerly referred to as the statistical survey, our re-calibrated Global Benchmarking Survey is now housed on a cutting-edge platform that not only makes it easy to use, it provides brilliant analytic reports on the data entered.

A significant member benefit, data required range from operational detail to salaries and benefits to assessment, governance, and service learning. If you're looking to see how your school measures up on a global scale, then the Global Benchmarking Survey is the instrument to help you accomplish that goal.

The data collection window is from 1 September to 1 November of each year. ECIS then works with data specialists to configure and publish a Recruitment Insights report to member schools by 1 December, just in time for recruitment season.

For those schools that desire it, the new platform will allow schools to run a number of pre-defined reports.

If you desire a customised report on any of the data, ECIS Solutions staff can create such a report on request, for a nominal fee. Please contact us to enquire.

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