Effective International School Series

The Effective International Schools book series addresses significant current and future educational and global issues in a format that is easy to access, easy to read, and immediately impactful in schools. The series upholds our core values of collaboration, professional growth, innovation, and excellence.
ECIS has a wonderfully varied and diverse membership of schools that face common challenges and share similar values. As such, we see our role as aggregating and synthesising the ideas, experiences, and wisdom of member schools, so that all may benefit.
The Effective International Schools series, therefore, exhibits the following elements:
  • A common set of beliefs and values about student learning from an international perspective
  • A structure that illustrates a progression from principles to policies to practice
  • Evidence of successful experience in international schools, applicable to a variety of contexts

Governance in International Schools, 2nd Edition (2015)

Please contact us at to purchase copies. Individual copies are £15, plus £2.50 shipping.

Global Insights Magazine

Our flagship publication, ECIS Global Insights promotes research, trends, and the latest thinking on issues facing owners, boards, directors, and senior leadership teams in international and internationally-minded schools across the world. Published twice yearly. We are always interested to hear from innovative and curious thinkers who would like to contribute their thoughts and ideas, so why not consider adding an article to our next issue? You can write about any topic associated with learning, however we do have a theme for each issue, too.


Theme: International Schools and Community (encompassing everything associated with outreach, altruism, CAS, plus in-school initiatives).
Please note: Articles on all topics associated with learning are considered.
Deadline: September 30th 2018.
Article length: 700 -1,400 words (Word format).
Images (optional but preferable): up to 4. Please do not embed them in the Word file. High-resolution JPEG format (1.5MB minimum).
Plus: Contributors must also provide a short biography with a JPEG headshot. Any sources cited in the article must be listed in the form of a bibliography rather than footnotes, thank you.
Advertising: You can also advertise your organisation in Global Insights. Our member rates are £699 (Full page), £400 (Half Page). For non-members, add on £200 to the member costs. Format: high-resolution PDF (No crop/bleed marks).Contact Simon Dweck ( for further details.
Contact: Please email your article and images to James: Do get in touch if you have any questions.


InFocus White Papers

Our occasional white papers present in-depth thinking and research in the form of essays, articles, or reports that contribute to debate on specific issues of import to international and internationally-minded schools, organisations, and systems. Our authors range from ECIS special interest group members to professors to accomplished consultants to education practitioners who have undertaken research as part of a professional development experience.
This series approach allows us to put succinct research and thinking into your hands quickly. In the dynamic world that is international education, we wish to help you cut through the noise and attend to those signals with distinct strength, giving them your full consideration as a professional. We believe that research plays a vital role in the lives of our members, no matter your school size or location.
Given our wide-reaching network of institutions and individuals, we are uniquely positioned to undertake research that goes beyond – whether that means going beyond the confines of specific curricula, beyond the mental and/or physical borders of nations, or even beyond what we term “international” schools.
Papers of special significance may be translated into other languages, so as to increase their reach and to allow for greater impact.

Contemporary Issues Research

We know that much of the research to be done around the practice and impact of international education has a degree of timeliness that may not be best served by waiting for formal academic research to undertake it. ECIS is interested, therefore, in identifying and pursuing formal research partnerships that tackle critical issues of current relevance in international education and beyond.
Our aim is to contribute to the understanding of critical issues that impact education, using a wide range of research methods including but not limited to statistical analysis, analytical work, case studies, field research and historical analysis. Our outputs, whether written documentation or video, provide a platform for debate about research and evidence around critical issues, as well as debate about the role of international schools as a sector.

ECIS-RSA Research Partnership

ECIS and the RSA have co-designed a programme based on our collective knowledge of global education trends, and where we believe our combined power can make the greatest impact. The programme of work is being built around investigations on key global education issues which we believe will have traction with international schools – both informing and being informed by their approaches.Following the open methodology of RSA’s Investigate-ED series, the investigations will mobilise an expert group of stakeholders to enable deep analysis and cutting-edge thought leadership.

Civic Purpose and Social Impact

Fostering a sense of civic purpose is central to the RSA’s model of change, and is implicit in ECIS’s commitment to social impact. In this partnership the RSA will mobilise its Fellowship, in particular, to act as ambassadors for the findings and innovators of ideas about how to apply the findings in practice.ECIS will equally seek to influence and provide insight to its membership to ensure that findings have practical impact, including through top-quality professional learning.


We will disseminate the research findings in an accessible way – raising awareness through the RSA’s award-winning public events platform and global online presence. The aim is to bring change makers together and to foster a sense of civic purpose among the wider public through the following:
  • Annual public lecture: we propose to host an annual event showcasing the year’s research findings, as well as creating a platform for discussion about the implications for global education systems. These will be live streamed and promoted online.
  • Media coverage: we will seek coverage on mainstream media to publicise findings.
  • Blogs, newsletters, RSA Journal, ECIS Global Insights, and ECIS InFocus: there will be regular contributions to debate about developing creativity in education through the RSA website by the researchers, ECIS staff and other thought-leaders. RSA CEO Matthew Taylor will write blogs and articles to be featured in the award-winning RSA Journal, whilst ECIS CEO Kevin J Ruth will write blogs and articles to be featured in ECIS publications and occasional white papers.
This approach of research, engagement and dissemination will allow a body of expertise to be built; reducing transaction costs, safeguarding tacit knowledge and enabling greater impact.

Position Papers

ECIS position papers are short essays that present our position and/or recommendation(s) on a given issue in education and/or the business of education. In these papers, we present an arguable opinion about an issue. We examine ideas carefully before choosing a topic and developing our argument, and we strive to adhere to an evidence-based approach in our framing of the issue and subsequent recommendation(s).