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What are your avenues for visibility and interaction with those who work in, work for, or own international schools?

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As leading providers of products and services to the international education sector, many of you have shared with us what you've been seeing in this era of relentless change, whether it's a challenge getting your message directly in front of prospective clients, or determining how to create and pursue leads outside of traditional conferences, the world of which is about to undergo significant change as new models come into existence.

Listening to your remarks, we have shaped what we hope will be a way for you to engage with current and prospective customers with more regularity: ECIS Commercial Membership.

When you become an ECIS Commercial Member at £60/month (VAT included), you have member access to our new community engagement platform, ECIS Connect (as of August 2017). You can connect with school leadership, and even put your message in front of individual teachers. You could invite members to webinars, announce a product special, and more. ECIS Connect represents a year-long opportunity to build brand awareness, and to let your current and prospective customers know about your successes.

What's more, when you become an ECIS Commercial Member, you can help your business to save money, if you handle transactions that require you to absorb foreign exchange fees, through our exclusive partnership with WorldFirst. We can help you to save money on foreign exchange fees!

With a growing number of specialist conferences, you have opportunities to put your brand front and centre at events where your specialty products are utilised to high degrees, such as special education needs, foreign language instruction, STE(A)M, and more.

There's also the annual Leadership Conference, which brings together some 400 mid- to senior-level leaders from schools from some 50 countries. Our next site, Berlin, offers space for up to 70 exhibitor tables. If you join as a Commercial Member now, you will receive an email with a link to a special website that provides you with a shopping trolley full of multiple opportunities from which to choose. You can guarantee a table at the leadership conference right now, if you'd like.

Significant change is upon us, insofar as the annual teachers' conference is concerned. Based on our design sprint last November, we have built a radically different model. It's no longer just a conference. It's a six-month learning engagement, blending online space with a face-to-face opportunity in Vienna. Associated sponsorship opportunities are totally different as well, given the redesign. There are no stands, no tables. Participants are in deep-dive sessions, and sometimes they're outside of the building. Are there still ways to have your brand feature prominently? Yes, there are -- by offering select opportunities to put branded items right in front of every single participant for those two days.

We've also committed to a new app for our main conferences and specialist conferences. This app features an Event Community; as sponsors and exhibitors at those events, you get to join the community and connect with everyone there -- in advance of the event, and during the event itself. You can let them know where you'll be; you can even arrange appointments in advance of the event itself.

We think you'll find our approach different and refreshing. We'll learn from you as we go forward, and we look forward to it all.

Welcome to ECIS Commercial Membership!

PS. As members join, the number of ways to interact with members and increase your visibility will begin to disappear. Don't wait! Join today! 

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