Global Fellowship (Individual)

"It is truly an honour to be a member of ECIS. Membership provides a plethora of experiences to develop as a professional international educator."

Melissa McDonald, Learning Support Specialist


Become an ECIS Global Fellow! Our fellowship is a worldwide network of internationally-minded education professionals aligned to our mission of creating impact through global education. ECIS Global Fellows have access to the brightest new ideas, innovative projects, a diverse network of like-minded professionals, and a platform for social impact. If you are committed to supporting our mission, we want to work with you!

You share our values
Our mission is to create impact through global education. At the heart of ECIS is an international community of like-minded people, our Fellowship enjoys the shared values of creativity, inclusivity, and responsibility to the world.

You support our approach
The power to create social impact through international education is the ability to turn your educational ideas and aspirations into reality. The rapid pace of change in society, education, and technology means that, for the first time, millions of people around the world now have the tools and the resources to do this. At ECIS, we want to harness this creative power and provide our Fellows with the connections and space to organise actionable projects around it. This approach informs all of our work.

You are inspired by bright ideas
As an ECIS Fellow, through our network you have access to ideas from ECIS and colleagues around the world. Contribute an article to Global Insights, our flagship magazine, where you can promote your ideas. Stay up to date with the latest ECIS news from around the world, including research and projects, not to mention professional learning events and gatherings, through regular communication. And don’t forget to join our community engagement platform, ECIS Connect, where you can nurture your own network, follow institutions and individuals, examine job postings, and think about where and how you might provide even greater impact through your role in education.

Join today to enjoy the following benefits:

  • ECIS Connect, our community engagement platform, where you can grow your connections, join a special interest group, discover jobs around the world, and learn about quality research projects that your school might participate in for free.
  • 25% to 50% discount on professional learning events, workshops, and courses.
  • Digital subscription to ECIS Global Insights
  • Your subscription helps to underwrite research on contemporary issues of international educational import and support our advocacy efforts with curriculum providers, accreditation agencies, and contribute to the promotion of sector-wide principles of ethical practice and professional conduct

ECIS Global Fellowship membership costs just £10 per month. To pay monthly by credit or debit card, please fill in your details in the form opposite. To pay by one annual payment of £120 (+VAT, where applicable), please contact our Membership team using the enquiry form here. Your membership period begins with your first payment.

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