Global Access

"The future-leaning work of ECIS is reason to gather together, watch, listen and read closely because it is here where the critical themes that define the future of teaching and learning are investigated and debated."

Mark E. Ulfers, Head of School, American School of Paris


Global Access membership is for early stage and startup international schools that have not yet been accredited, inspected or authorised, as well as for independent and state (public) schools that desire a way to showcase their commitment to international mindedness.
For startup international schools, once accredited/authorised status has been attained, Global Access members will be asked to become Premium members, and can then enjoy further benefits.
Candidate schools for Global Access membership must be a state or independent school offering an international programme, international curricular option, or international travel programme.
The benefits of membership are identical to Premium member schools, with the exceptions of access to funding (grants and fellowships) and the right to nominate trustees or vote on corporate business.
Join today to enjoy the following benefits:

Savings to You
  • 25% to 50% discount on professional learning events, workshops, courses
  • Save up to 30% on foreign exchange transactions through WorldFirst
  • 10% discount on recruitment advertising with TES

Promote Your School, Your Job Openings, and Grow Your Network
  • Establish a profile page for your school on ECIS Connect, our community platform, so that others can follow your school and receive your information and announcements
  • Join affinity groups on ECIS Connect that relate to your areas of interest and/or practice, growing your network of colleagues across the world, and participating in discussions and sharing of information
  • Post jobs in your school on our ECIS Connect jobs board for free, reaching thousands of education professionals

Research, Publications, and Data
  • Print subscription to ECIS Global Insights magazine
  • Surveys and reports on leadership development, professional learning, information on programmes from across our membership base
  • Unlimited access to ISC Online for Schools, a global database of international schools, where you can stay abreast of the developments in the international school market, including whether a new school is planning to open in close proximity to you

You Help the International Community
  • Your school's membership subscription helps us to underwrite research on contemporary issues of international educational import
  • Your membership sustains our advocacy efforts with curriculum providers, accreditation providers, and advancement of sector-wide principles of ethical practice
  • Your support allows us to promote the positive social impact of international schools in our work with external agencies such as the OECD, and propose ways that such agencies can collaborate with international schools in order to create far greater impact through education
Annual Global Access membership costs just £1,500 (+VAT where applicable).

Global Access membership application form