To be an ECIS School Ambassador means you have a position of stewardship, and you should be ready and willing to collaborate, contribute, and be committed to the learning and development of other colleagues in the profession. You are a core figure within our international school network.

What is the role of an ECIS School Ambassador?

  • As an ECIS School Ambassador you are required to:
  • Support with the dissemination of all communications and messages from ECIS to yourschool community
  • Act as a liaison for and educate school peers on the benefits of ECIS membership
  • Be an active member of the ECIS Connect global community, online
  • Encourage teachers and employees to sign up for their free ECIS Connect access
  • Support staff in accessing online courses

What School Ambassadors receive from ECIS

As an ECIS School Ambassador you will receive the following from ECIS:

  • 30% discount off of the delegate fee for either our ECIS Educator Conference or one of our Special Interest Group (SIG) Conferences per year, for every full year of service as an ambassador
  • Designated support at ECIS headquarters through our mailbox, with response to your communications/enquiries within two working days
  • An annual ‘Certificate of Recognition’ that details your role as an ECIS School Ambassador, to be shared with your supervisor and/or utilised to demonstrate your commitment to professional growth within the international education community.
Interested in becoming an ECIS School Ambassador? Please visit this link and complete the details, thank you.