Straight to Teaching

​Straight to Teaching is a unique, in-school route aimed at suitable school staff (such as unqualified teachers, high level teaching assistants, or teaching assistants) who want to become fully qualified teachers. The programme supports and prepares you to meet the Teachers’ Standards and provides you with the opportunity to be independently assessed and awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

If you wish to make the transition from a school support role like a teaching assistant to qualified teacher, Straight to Teaching offers an unparalleled opportunity to obtain QTS without leaving your current school. It is a high quality, low-cost alternative to initial teacher training that is personalised to you and your school. This flexible and accessible professional QTS development programme leads to independent QTS assessment and on successful completion, the award of Qualified Teacher Status.

This programme is delivered in two phases (QTS preparation and independent QTS assessment) and is completely personalised to you. It takes into consideration your existing school and teaching experience, which means you could gain QTS more quickly than you would through a traditional initial teacher training programme.

If you have significant teaching experience already, then you may be eligible for our Assessment Only route, which can help you become a qualified teacher within 12 weeks.

Available in any BSO-inspected school internationally that follows the English national curriculum, the Straight to Teaching QTS programme and Assessment Only route is designed to put more teachers with Qualified Teacher Status in the classroom.  The Straight to Teaching course is only applicable to staff members working at BSO schools. To find out if your school is a BSO-inspected, please click here before applying. 

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