Leadership Conference

Leadership Conference

Invest in your leadership development at our annual leadership conference, whether you are a middle leader, senior leader, head of school, trustee/governor, or owner.

Our focus is squarely on effective leadership in such areas as:

Instructional Leadership

Ensure that your leadership abilities are informed across a wide spectrum, so that students in your care have the necessary tools to succeed. Gain the skills that support student achievement, such as effectively using diagnostic tools, promoting the idea of professional teams, and ensuring that teachers have access to professional learning around differentiated instructional strategies.

Business Leadership

From human resource issues to risk management to salary and benefits strategies, ensure that you are equipped to understand and act decisively around key resource areas.

Community Leadership

New opportunities abound—will you be ready to take advantage of them? Learn how you can develop a compelling vision for your school, your team, and your future. Gain insights into how to transform cultures and practices to meet your school's development, whether through partnerships, fundraising, branding, marketing, strategy, or new programmes. 

Leading and Supporting Students and Adults

Team and relationship building is key to your school's success. See how you can engage students, parents, community officials, and business leaders. Discover proven and innovative ways to build a culture of recruiting and nurturing talent, providing meaning feedback, and identify untapped leadership ability.

Our Speakers

Empowering and in depth contributions on innovation, leadership and development, promoting excellence in education.

Our Masterclasses & Workshops

An unrivalled opportunity to meet peer groups, share experiences, and exchange views.

Our Sponsors & Exhibitors

Experience the latest technology, products, and services to improve your working environment.

Upcoming Conference Dates and Locations

2018: Berlin, 3-7 April. Theme: "The Language and Design of Learning"
​2019: TBD, 24-27 April

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