The number of international schools has grown exponentially in numbers and many schools have become highly complex multi-million euro/yen/dollar organisations. This development puts tremendous pressure on board members, many of whom are committed to the school but have limited time to be truly effective in their role.

In the case of not for profit schools, they frequently leave before becoming fully cognisant of the complexities and needs of modern international educational institutions. Proprietor schools are frequently part of wider investment portfolios and have boards that represent family, company, or investor interests.

Regardless of the ownership structure, research has illustrated repeatedly that sustainable development in international school governance is central to schools realising their potential.

In 2016-17, ECIS is launching a Foundations in Governance course, meant to serve as the foundational standards for governance in schools. Offered completely online, this course will serve as the building blocks for our other learning opportunities related to governance.

We will introduce the curriculum at our Head & Board Chair Retreat in September 2016.

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