International Mindedness

Starting in June 2017!

​Not all educators have the opportunity to attend conferences or travel to explore issues of how other schools include international mindedness and global competencies in their educational programmes. This course empowers educators and school leaders around the world to implement a structured, internationally-minded educational model. 

Focus of inquiry: How can international mindedness be made an integral and empowering part of a school educational programme? 


  • To enable teachers to have a clearer idea of the contested ground of what ‘international mindedness’ (IM) is, and to create a shared understanding of the central concepts
  • For all stakeholders in the community to have a better engagement with IM and understand its benefits
  • For teachers to develop their understanding of what pedagogies they can use to enhance IM in their classrooms and school community
  • To enable school teachers and leaders to evaluate IM within the curriculum, to ensure its constant improvement, and to oversee its sustainability

Total time: 10 to 12 hours

Cost: £1,500 Whole School Option | £50 Individual Enrolment (ECIS Member) | £100 Individual Enrolment (Non-Member)

Offered in monthly cohorts as well as school-specific cohorts. Course is asynchronous, facilitated by experienced international leaders.

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