Middle Leader Certificate

​Middle leaders can have a profound impact on moving an educational institution forward. Through this collaboration with ECIS and the American School in London, middle leaders develop their skills and deepen their knowledge to become effective catalysts of school wide change.

Required to earn Middle Leader certificate: four courses, one of which must be Culture of Leadership (formerly called “Understanding Power”).
ECIS/ASL Middle Leader Program and Certificate

Essential questions:
  1. What does effective leadership in schools look like?
  2. How can I become a leader who facilitates adult and student learning?

All courses share a common pedagogical model in which participants engage in active learning experiences, protocols and structures that foster thinking and equitable participation.

The Culture of Leadership       
15-16 October 2016

Registration Closed

Building & Leading Teams
ECIS Pre-Conference
16-17 November 2016

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Managing Finances & Resources

The Culture of Leadership  
20-21 January 2017

Registration Closed

Assessment & Leadership
21-22-January 2017

Registration Closed

Curricular Design & Leadership
The Hague
10-11 March 2017

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Building & Leading Teams
7-8th April 2017

Registration Closed
Leading Professional Learning      
19-20 June 2017

The Culture of Leadership

In this two-day course, these questions are explored:

  • What does research claim about effective school leadership?
  • To what extent is leadership context driven? How can I develop my ability to lead effectively in different contexts?
  • What are my beliefs and values about leadership and how does this impact my leadership practices?
  • How can middle leaders support teams in clarifying goals and strategies?
  • What practices can middle leaders use to support the implementation of agreed goals?

Building and Leading Teams

In this two-day course, these questions are explored:

  • What are some characteristics of a highly functioning team?
  • How can I facilitate the creation of a team focused on student learning?
  • How can protocols, structures and norms facilitate thinking and a focus on student learning?
  • What types of conversations are critical and when are they likely to occur?
  • What processes and behaviours can be prepared in advance to enable difficult situations and conversations to be well-managed?

Curricular Design and Leadership

In this two-day course, these questions are explored:

  • Why is a guaranteed and viable curriculum fundamental and how as a leader, can you ensure its central role with your team?
  • What role do middle leaders play in supporting the curricular vision of the school and ensuring curricular alignment?
  • What strategies and tools can middle leaders practice to facilitate curriculum development and review?

Assessment and Leadership

In this two-day course, these questions are explored:

  • What are current, research-based best practices that should be at the heart of student learning and embedded into the assessment procedures?
  • How can leaders influence less experienced teachers to implement a variety of formative and summative forms of assessment?
  • How can a leader support the use of internal assessment data to inform teaching and learning?
  • What impact/influence should external assessment measures (i.e. PISA) have on the development of teaching learning and assessment?

Leading Professional Learning

In this two-day course, these questions are explored:

  • What does research indicate about the best practices for the most effective teacher professional development?
  • How can a leader implement ongoing reflection, goal setting and action, with a view to personal and group professional development?
  • How can teacher leaders model excellent ongoing professional learning and practice?
  • How can teacher leaders support the growth of the adults in the building?

Managing Finances and Resources (Online Course Only)

In this online course, these questions are explored:

  • What types of finances do teacher leaders have to manage and what are some of the different models for managing?
  • How can leaders help teams prioritize desires and needs for different experiences and also ensure they are connected to the school mission and vision?
  • What practices and strategies can be put in place to support most effective use of resources in schools?
  • What personal skills do leaders need in order to manage finances well and how can they be developed?

* Required to earn Middle Leader certificate: 4 courses. The Culture of Leadership (formerly called “Understanding Power”) is a required course.

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