Child Safeguarding Certificate

​Protecting the children in our care is our most important job; learning itself depends on a child feeling safe. The ECIS safeguarding certificate sets the benchmark for safeguarding training in international schools.

Our four-part programme provides the principles -- the foundations -- for strong child protection policies and practices, complemented by assessments that require successful application of that knowledge. Offered fully online, your entire staff will benefit from expert knowledge so that your school can meet compliance standards, irrespective of accreditation or inspection regime followed.

Assessments are required after each section, and a Certificate of Completion is issued to each successful participant, signifying that participants have exhibited a solid understanding of principles regarding behaviour and policy formation in schools.

*N.B. Your faculty/staff's completion of this training programme aligns with the Child Protection Standards as developed by the International Task Force on Child Protection. NEASC and MSA, as endorsers of the Child Protection Standards, recognise the completion of our certificate programme as evidence of a school's commitment to Child Protection.

Part 1: Recruitment
Learn how you can comply with recruitment checks, create a culture of safe recruitment, and identify specific solutions for challenges faced by international schools.

Part 2: Structures, Reporting Concerns, and Trips
Learn how robust structures, both internal and external, are essential in ensuring that your safeguarding policies are implemented effectively.

Part 3: Governance
Learn how owners, directors, and governing bodies of schools can comply with their legal obligations and ensure effective oversight and scrutiny of child protection within the school.

Part 4: Case Study
Work through this case study, which draws out the learning outcomes from the three earlier sections. The accompanying assessment requires participants to analyse and synthesise not only the case study, but supporting documentation as well, in order to apply the knowledge to a real-life-based scenario.

Key Features

  • Total time required: approximately 6 hours
  • 70% pass mark required on all assessments
  • Certificate of Completion issued upon successful completion of all modules; valid for three years
  • Content and assessments designed in collaboration with Farrer & Co, an independent law firm with a speciality practice in child safeguarding
  • Includes annual top-up course for those who have completed the initial certificate
  • 3-year license with unlimited number of participants from your academic and non-academic staff
  • Cost is flat fee of £2,500 for three years, for ECIS member schools. Non-member rate is £5,000. Special pricing available for school groups.
  • Modelled on principles of child safeguarding drawn from UK regulations, but universally applicable, with practical tools for how your school can use these gold standards to fit your own context

"The UK safeguarding regulations for schools are some of the most extensive in the world, with a number of international schools moving toward these standards and being inspected against them...the principles highlighted in this course are universally applicable, no matter the location of the school." Katie Riggs, Solicitor, Farrer and Co

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