Promotion of International Education

The Promotion of International Education Award was designed to recognise those involved in the international school community that are actively involved in promoting international education. ECIS premium member schools can request a certificate for their nominated recipient, to be handed out at an awards ceremony or event. Schools are limited to one award annually.

The eligibility criteria state that the recipient:

  • must be over the age of 18;
  • must have at least 3 years of living/working in an international community;
  • must have made a significant and noteworthy contribution to the promotion of international education (this could include research, programme development and implementation or personal/public advocacy);
  • should be an exemplary citizen(s) who exhibit(s) personal integrity, ethical professional practices, high personal expectations, a positive attitude and demeanour toward others, and seeks to understand and promote an understanding and appreciation of other cultures and educational programmes;
  • must contribute above and beyond normal contractual obligations (if a school employee) and demonstrate the ability to excel at inspiring and leading others.

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