The ECIS International Teacher Certificate has been specifically designed to equip teachers with the global mindset and understanding necessary for outstanding teaching in our contemporary world. The course is an integrated, standards-based professional development experience assessed by Cambridge International Examinations.

Teachers involved in the ITC learn concepts and skills related specifically to the needs of international students and curricula, and then implement these new understandings throughout their course.

A “deep learning” professional learning programme, the ITC requires in-depth critical thinking skills and reflective practice. It also requires teachers to be learner-centred and focused on authentic school-based activities, and focuses on the multi-cultural context of schools, while being multi-disciplinary and cutting-edge.

The certificate programme launches with a face-to-face cohort in a city and school that hosts the three-day institute, and the remainder of the course, designed to be school-based practice in the form of a portfolio of work assessed by Cambridge International Examinations, runs on a virtual learning environment, and includes the participation of a mentor approved by ECIS. Portfolio completion requires 220 hours, which tends to represent twelve to fourteen months.

The ITC also fulfils the requirements of the IB Educators Certificate.

Why the International Teacher Certificate?

Through the core evidence in each of the five standards, it draws on a varied repertoire of skill sets for research, instructional methodology, student and self-evaluation, and assessment. The ITC can be a catalyst of institutional change for the benefit of both teachers and students in national and international school settings. The certificate is thus evidence of teachers' commitment to learning-centred teaching, to first-class professional practice in an international context and to continuing professional development. It is an exemplary international qualification for exemplary international teachers.

Five Standards

The programme centres on five specific standards:

  1. Education in an intercultural context – teachers will be involved in creating opportunities for developing intercultural understanding
  2. Teaching competencies for the international teacher – teachers will develop skills particular to the challenges of international schools and international curricula
  3. The language dimension – teachers will develop their depth of knowledge of the many aspects of language learning, and share this through a workshop and during classes
  4. Student transition and mobility – teachers will explore specific ways to support students in transition, in the many different types of transition they face during their school lives
  5. Continuing professional development as an international educator –teachers will develop their own reflective practice as a way of deepening the value of their continuing professional development.

Single-School Cohorts

With enough notice, ECIS can tailor content and dates for an ITC institute in a single school, anywhere in the world, at any time. Please download the ITC Information Pack which includes the application form to run an ITC workshop at an individual school.

Graduate Credit

The following universities grant credit for the Certificate, to be used toward a Master’s degree:

  • Buffalo State, SUNY
  • Deakin University
  • Endicott College
  • George Mason University
  • Lehigh University
  • University of Bath
  • St Mary's University College

Programme admission requirements and application process

ECIS expects all applicants to adhere to the ethical guidelines and adopted policies of their school. Applicants are expected to honour their contractual employment agreements and the laws and regulations of their host country. Unethical professional behaviour on the part of an applicant could result in withdrawal from the program.

Applicants will need:

  1. To have teaching experience at the appropriate grade/subject level and, ideally, be certified to teach (though this is not an absolute requirement)
  2. A minimum of two years full-time teaching in a school that promotes international education and/or global awareness. Advice on specific individual situations will be provided by the ITC Course Administrator
  3. To complete and submit the online teacher application form. Two confidential references must be sent via the Referee Form, including one from the current school director/principal. The applicant is responsible for ensuring the form is completed by his/her referees. The referees will comment on an applicant’s proficiency in the following areas: teaching competencies, lesson planning, assessment and evaluation, and interpersonal and communication skills
  4. Scanned copies of qualifications must be emailed to itcadmissions@ecis.org
  5. When accepted, the ITC tuition fee must be paid through the online payment portal on our website (Make a Payment, on the footer menu) to confirm participation in the course. Alternatively, those requiring invoices to effect payment may contact accounts@ecis.org.

The certificate programme launches with a face-to-face institute in a city and school that hosts the programme cohort; these locations span the globe. Below please find a listing of the scheduled institutes, as found in our events calendar. Please note that you can learn more about each location by clicking on the Learn More button, and you can schedule your intent to join a specific location by clicking on the Book Now button.

ITC 2016 Dates and Locations

Cohorts Dates Application Deadline
Havana 20 - 22 February CLOSED
Baku TBC April TBC
Kuwait 14 - 16 April Full
Cambridge 19 - 21 July 16 June
Fort Lauderdale

£1,995 -- For teachers at ECIS premium member schools or at Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) member schools.

£2,295 -- For teachers from all other schools.

Fees include the assessment fee payable to Cambridge International Examinations for evaluation of each of the five standards; the face-to-face ITC Institute (excluding travel and accommodation); access to the dedicated virtual learning environment; and supervision and support from the ITC Course Leader.

Refund Policy

Up to 1 month before the beginning of the Course: upon written notice, 20% of the total ITC fee is NON-REFUNDABLE; remaining fees will be returned.*

Less than 1 month before the beginning of the Course: upon written notice, 20% plus half of the remaining ITC fee is NON-REFUNDABLE; remaining fees will be returned.*

Once the course has commenced: no refund is available.

*The ‘commencement date’ of the course is the date on which access is given to the virtual learning environment and the orientation course, not the dates of the face-to-face institute.

Please click here to download the ITC Information Pack, which contains all relevant forms and information. If you have further questions, please contact us at itcadmissions@ecis.org.


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