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Future generations and female role models

Future generations and female role models. Juliette van Eerdewijk, Primary Principal, International School of The Hague Our young people who grow up to be the new leaders, the future workforce and parents of our world have a right to equal opportunities. It is also our human right to be treated equally no matter our differences. […]

Rethinking what Learning Means

Jeff Bradley Director, Commission on International Education at NEASC Rethinking what Learning Means . The College Board cancels dozens of test dates across the globe. More than 1,600 higher education admissions offices drop their standardised testing requirements. Counting ‘seat time’ in schools is sacrificed to keep students safe – and yet still learning. Strict grading […]

Covid 19: Why the Arts?: Now more than ever

Christine Barling Leader of Learning Arts, MYP Drama/DP Theatre teacher, DP Advisor Sotogrande International School   Covid 19: Why the Arts? Now more than ever   Featured image by Banksy: Game Changer   I would like to share with you my thoughts about the place of the Arts within this current pandemic and why I […]

Museums and Teachers

Joe Nutt Author and Educational Consultant . Museums and Teachers   The recent appointment of Dr Douglas Gurr as Director of the Natural History Museum in London caught the attention of some news channels because of his unusual background. A senior executive at Amazon UK (he was President of Amazon China from 2014 to 2016) […]

Realities Women Face in Pursuing a Leadership Career

Kim Cofino Technology & Education Consultant Realities Women Face in Pursuing a Leadership Career   Based on data from Academy of International School Heads (AISH), the percentage of women in HoS positions has not changed from 28-32% over the last 12 years. We may perceive more women in leadership positions, we may even see more […]

The Public Perception of Teachers

Joe Nutt Author and Educational Consultant The Public Perception of Teachers Even while teachers continue to battle on as key workers, and some state schools buckle and close under the pressure of trying to operate effectively under politically imposed restrictions, curiously the profession remains in the public and press firing line. All kinds of voices […]

The Senior Leadership Team: Collaboration and Communication

Duncan Partridge Leadership Coach & Mentor   “Generally, I think we’re quite good at communication in our school. Feedback suggests that our home and educator communities feel informed and are satisfied with the systems we have in place. However, I do have a concern about our Senior Leadership Team meetings. It’s hard to get everybody […]

QA in times of crisis: a health checklist for school leadership

Maurice Dimmock, Chairman, ASIC Accreditation   QA in times of crisis: a health checklist for school leadership Effective, internal quality assurance has never been more critical to the successful governance and running of a school. In a time of crisis, as normal daily challenges are compounded and new ones are seemingly never-ending, the foundations a […]

Picking up after an unsuccessful college experience

Dan McManmon President, College Internship Program (CIP)   “I have had nothing but negative experiences when it comes to school. I went to a university, flunked out because I was struggling with depression. I didn’t eat, sleep, shower, etc. So I went back to community college and failed the next semester. Went to another university, […]

Building a Culture of Inclusion

Anu Monga, Founder & Chairperson at TAISI, Former Head of School, Bangalore International School   When we speak of inclusive education, we refer to an approach in which children with different skills, needs, strengths and weaknesses learn together. The school adapts and integrates the specific learning requirements of students. Not only are differences valued but, […]