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The Value of Recognising Untapped Potential

The Value of Recognising Untapped Potential Dima Ghawi, author, keynote speaker, executive coach   Would you hire a shy 22-year-old Middle Eastern American woman over a confident, well-spoken candidate? The young woman comes across as timid, and she is clumsy in her communication skills because English is her second language, but she has worked tirelessly […]

Mentoring Matters

Mentoring Matters Fran Prolman, founder, president, and senior consultant, The Learning Collaborative   The term “Mentor” originated from Homer’s The Odyssey. As the story is told, Athena took on the likeness of Mentor, Ulysses’ trusted friend, and was given the responsibility of nurturing Ulysses’ son, Telemachus when Ulysses went off to fight in the Trojan […]

How will schools diversify, innovate, and evolve in the future?

Paul Montague, International Digital Learning and Curriculum Manager, Edmentum   How will schools diversify, innovate, and evolve in the future?   Educational provision has been forced to evolve during the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools have adapted and adjusted to the significant challenges of maintaining health and safety, ensuring education continuity, and providing social and emotional learning […]

Don’t panic, pandemic PE

Mo Hourani & Luther Rauk   Don’t panic, pandemic PE   Luther Rauk, from the American International School of Muscat and Mo Hourani, from the American Community School Beirut, have started regular online meetings for Physical Education teachers from around the world to connect, share, and collaborate on best practices in a physical education classroom […]

Globetrottin’ ADs Student Athlete Leadership Conference

Nick DeForest, Assistant Director, Events Office American International School Vienna Globetrottin’ ADs Student Athlete Leadership Conference 2021   Background and Information The pandemic has been tough but one silver lining to come out of it is top-notch and easily accessible professional development.. People from all walks of life and all professions are finding ways to […]

Leadership in Athletics

Andrew Koene, Physical Education Head of Faculty British School of Bucharest Leadership in Athletics   When thinking about sports and leaders one thinks about the captain or coach of a team. But the real leader is usually behind the scenes watching their efforts unfold during each game, season and year; the athletic director. Athletic directors […]

Using Computational Thinking in a Modern Language Classroom

Isabelle Wolfe Language Teacher, International School Aberdeen Using Computational Thinking in a Modern Language Classroom   Computational Thinking describes the thought process of formulating problems and their solutions in a way that can be carried out by a computer. More than just a classroom strategy, it is also a life skill that our students can […]

Keeping Students Active with Dance

Melanie G. Levenberg, M.Ed. Physical Education Consultant | Chief PLAY Officer at PL3Y International Inc   Keeping Students ACTIVE with DANCE Dance can be a fun and engaging way to get students active in your Physical Education class. For many educators, teaching dance is intimidating – there’s a part of us that makes us feel […]

Planning for Language Development

Planning for Language Development Beth Skelton Presenter | Coach | Consultant   Much of my work with teachers this past school year has focused on the power of lesson planning for language development. In this blog post, I will explain how to use a simple tool to add a language focus to any lesson plan […]

Multilingualism in schools. Yes or No?

Multilingualism in schools. Yes or No? Valentina Spyropoulou, Teacher of English / EAL / Dyslexia Specialist Optimist International School   Many people believe that when you move to a different country, you should try to exclusively practice the host country’s language in order to learn that language faster. This notion has also been adopted in […]