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Why Does Student Voice Matter in the Curriculum?

Isabelle Wolfe Language Teacher, International School Aberdeen   As parents, we can all relate to our children coming home from school and we ask when what they learnt today. Very often the answer is “nothing” and indeed, the child probably did not have much to say about what was going on in the classroom. Formal […]

Reflections on an Unusual Admissions Season: Are We Seeing More Girls on the Autism Spectrum? What are You Seeing?

Judith Wides, M.A., M.Ed., LMFT Director of Counseling and Family Support National Child Research Center Preschool Washington, DC As we dive into the 2023–24 school year, many of our fellow school-based practitioners are finally feeling rested, recharged, and ready for a good year. Last year, after the preliminary post-Covid return to school offered some semblance […]

Hidden in Plain Sight: School Culture’s Unspoken Truths & Bold Fixes

Dr. Yael Cass Director of School Operations Services at International Schools Services   In the vibrant ecosystem of our international schools, every individual plays a pivotal role. As leaders, we often endeavor to understand the heartbeat of our school’s culture. We seek feedback, we organize workshops, and we initiate dialogues. Yet, despite these proactive measures, […]

Taking the long view: Sustainability for global citizenship transformation

LeeAnne Lavender, Inspire Citizens Storyteller   Many educators and leaders in international schools around the globe recognize the value and urgency of global citizenship education (GCE) and the need to empower PreK-12 students to engage in authentic community engagement and active local and global citizenship.   To this end, many educators use the United Nations […]

A recipe for whole school transformation towards active global citizenship

LeeAnne Lavender, Inspire Citizens Storyteller   The word “transformation” has energy and power, doesn’t it? The idea of radical change and positive metamorphosis is compelling and, when paired with creating opportunities for students to engage in authentic changemaking, can inspire and empower all educators.   Inspire Citizens co-founder Aaron Moniz and all Inspire Citizens facilitators […]

Telecollaboration: Empowering Students Through Global Connections

Telecollaboration: Empowering Students Through Global Connections Gosia Jaros-White, MA In today’s interconnected world, collaboration knows no boundaries. It presents an incredible opportunity for students and teachers to transcend the confines of their classrooms and gain invaluable insights into the global community. Telecollaboration, with its myriad benefits, equips students with essential skills such as cultural understanding, […]

Differentiation and Inclusion

Differentiation and Inclusion Martha Ross Different or Included? What motivates us to adapt or differentiate learning to create equity in our classrooms? The inclusive education context that we experience every day is likely to differ across the diverse contexts of international schools.  As national systems and accrediting agencies seek policy and practice that promotes diversity, […]