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Why shouldn’t we consider modern languages as subject matter?

Isabelle Wolfe Language Teacher, International School Aberdeen   As a French native and a teacher, I have heard the following sentence many times: “ I learnt French at school for 3 years and I can’t speak”. This gap between school-based language classes and actually learning how to speak is something that unfortunately is somewhat accepted. […]

It’s All About Relationships

Promotional article from The MARIO Framework Graeme Scott Executive Chairperson, The MARIO Framework   We’ve had Baby Boomers, then Generation X. We’ve had Millennials, Gen Y, Gen Y-not, and now Generation Alpha. Many apparent differences have been identified between each of these generations, some of them have substance while others will be consigned to the […]

Struggles and Hurdles: Ending the Silence

Eleni Armaou, Student Oriented Services (SOS) and Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Coordinator Metropolitan School of Frankfurt We all struggle at some point in our lives, either for professional or personal, family, academic or other reasons. The pandemic has exacerbated the need to be resilient, to stand up after you fall, but such things are easier […]

Modern-day boarding

By Stonehill International School, Bangalore   Boarding school can teach children the essential skills they need to succeed in life. Education has been modernised through technology, innovative infrastructure and progressive pedagogy. In this context, boarding schools too have changed dramatically over the last few years. Gone are the traditional dormitory days or regimental routines. Today, […]

Artificial Intelligence in Education: The Big Picture

HEDKY-AI   The big picture – Ai evolution in context AI didn’t come into existence out of the blue. It will also not disappear all of a sudden. It is the natural evolution of progress – it is the next stage in the industrial revolution.   The first Industrial Revolution happened between 1750-1870 (120 years). […]

Incorporating Student Voice in the Classroom

Chrissy Talbot General Education Teacher Providing students with a voice is an important tool in creating an engaging classroom environment. As an elementary teacher, I’ve noticed that when my students feel that their own voice is valued they are often more willing to take academic risks. Below I’ve listed three practical ways you can provide […]

Pygmalion and Quantum Theory: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

Eleni Armaou, Student Oriented Services (SOS) and Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Coordinator Metropolitan School of Frankfurt  Image Source   It is an axiom in Human Psychology, a known fact, albeit not easily perceptible, an unwritten law, which you study the minute you step your feet into a university amphitheatre of a Psychology faculty: your perception […]

Embracing democratic dissent in a data-driven age

Stephen Chatelier, Mark Harrison and Elke Van dermijnsbrugge   Introduction We teach in a pre-service teacher programme that prepares students for a teaching career in international schools. In one of the courses, we discuss models of teacher appraisal and teacher effectiveness, their purposes, and how different schools approach them. We ask whether or not student […]

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Alex Canariov CEO, HEDKY-AI   Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely the buzz word today. It is quite widely spread and it’s included in a variety of software applications which we take for granted.   The Corona pandemic brought software in general to anyone’s attention all over the world. Across many economic sectors, including education, everyone […]