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​It is an exciting time for the international schools sector, as we continue to see remarkable growth — new schools are opening continually, it seems, and whether they are not-for-profit, proprietary, and/or part of a larger group, more and more students are learning skills and competencies through an international lens. Of this we are proud.

As we experience this continued growth, however, ECIS feels that it is important for all of us to be mindful of our ethical obligations as educators of tomorrow’s leaders and change-makers. This mindfulness can take many different forms, with the most immediate being the notion of what constitutes ethical business models for education (aims and objectives, but also the degree of desired profit), as well as what constitutes professional and ethical conduct of all those who govern and work in international schools, not to mention the moral imperative of protecting the children in our care from many forms of abuse — keeping them safe and in school, so that we can help them to harness their curiosity and become change-makers in the world.

ECIS is positioning itself to be the leading advocate for a vibrant and ethical international school sector. You can expect ECIS Position Papers, guidance on ethical and professional conduct, speaking engagements intended to underscore our commitment to ethics in the sector, and more.

This form of advocacy is another way that your membership helps to ensure a vibrant, healthy, and ethical international education sector.

BREXIT NEWS: ​click here to read a monthly update from our friends at Greenberg Traurig Maher (London).

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